Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 28

July 12: I stopped by to pick up fresh sweet corn from a Gaeddert Farm stand so I could make sweet corn ice cream.  Yum!
July 13: Diesel graduated from obedience training.  And I got a new toy - my first smart phone!
July 14: Sorting through some of the supplies for the missions trip.  There's a lot to take with 6 kids day sessions to do.
July 15: We practiced face painting at our team meeting. Adam made Lindsay into a pirate.
July 16: Bollywood night with the Pathways ladies.  Part of the fun was henna tattoos. A close up of mine after it dried.
July 17: Easy Almond Cake for a bbq at a friends - it was easy and delicious!
July 18: We put Pathways to work helping us assemble salvation bead bracelet bags and candy & sticker bags.  It took an hour but we whipped out 1200 of each.  So thankful for their help.  It would have taken the team forever to do it on our own.


Angela said...

I have that phone! It's awesome cuz I can use the Blackberry messenger and "text" with people in the states for free! Yay!

I want that almond cake recipe please!

Jennifer said...

Sweet! It's going to take me awhile to figure it all out but so far I love it!

I will email the recipe to you.

Julie said...

Thanks so much Jennifer for being a customer! Don't forget to come back a buy corn for the freezer for the off season. You can either freeze it in the husk, blanch it and freeze it on the cobb or cut it off the cob and freeze kernels. All are great for later. Thanks again!

Julie Gaeddert