Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 25

June 21: I finally broke out the grill. I need to do that more often. I am enjoying the backyard more.
June 22: The a/c quit for the second time this week. It’s no fun in an 80+ degree house. But luckily it got fixed the next day and so far it’s holding.
June 23: Favorite spot in Sedgwick County Park in summer. I have a set of photos I took of a bridge in Central Park in all four seasons. I believe I will try to do so with this spot.
June 24: Downtown Wichita has some great bronze sculptures scattered throughout. This is just outside the library and next to Century II – where I went for the 2nd summer music show of the season.
June 25: 90 minutes + $28 = all my work clothes for El Salvador which will get donated at the end of the week
June 26: I really like my new sandals. I searched the mall for what I had in mind and found these for $11 at Payless. If you didn't know you get 10% off at Payless with a AAA membership.
June 27: Apparently there’s a big change in acidity at the back corner of the hydrangea flowerbed. This is the only one with blue flowers.

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