Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Week 24

June 14: Fresh rhubarb from the farmers' market was turned into a rhubarb grunt (similar to a cobbler). It was good!
June 15: The holly hocks are really starting to bloom.
June 16: I noticed the cool pattern the candle holder makes on the patio furniture during a late "play ball" session with the dog.
June 17: Item #1 off the Wichita Bucket List - free jazz concert at Bradley Fair. It was a fun evening with the girls.
June 18: Celebrating Amanda, Amanda, and Amanda's June birthdays.
June 19: Item #2 on the bucket list - the Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson. Hillary and I went 650 feet underground to tour the mine. Very interesting.
June 20: The first daisies of the season!


DeMo said...

woohoo. i made the blog! :)

did you like the salt museum? kinda freaky riding that elevator for so long in the dark.

Jennifer said...

Yes you did :-)

Yes, I liked it. Very interesting. The elevator ride didn't bother me much. When they turned all the lights out on the dark ride - that was a bit freaky.