Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 23

June 7: We had a El Salvador mission team meeting. I am in charge of the team building exercises. Tonight I split them into two teams and they had to make chocolate chip cookies without a recipe. It was chaos and a lot of fun. One team's cookies turned out well and the other's not so great but not so bad. Thanks to Christina for letting us make a huge mess of her kitchen.
June 8: I've begun basic obedience training class with Diesel. He's a quick learner but we've still got some work to do.
June 9: My hydrangeas keep blooming & look so great. They are amazing to examine up close with each tiny petal.
June 10: Music Theatre of Wichita 2010 season has started. 5 shows over the summer. I love my season ticket seats - front row center of the balcony. Tonight Gayle went with me to see Gypsy.
June 11: Janel and I went to the new Intrust Bank Arena to see...
Lady Antebellum and...
Tim McGraw in concert. It was a great evening of country music.
June 12: I hit a few garage sales today hoping to find some gently used shoes for El Salvador. I scored - 21 pairs of shoes for $21. We are collecting shoes to donate to one church site in a particularly poor area. Kids cannot go to school if they do not have shoes, so we are helping the church provide shoes for a community outreach.
June 13: We had torrential rains with 40+ mph winds tonight. Diesel is usually scared of thunder and lightning but somehow had energy to burn and wanted to be outside playing in the lake of a backyard. He came in a drenched but happy puppy.


The Youngs said...

Oh I could have so made the chocolate cookies without a recipe!

The Youngs said...

BTW,Good job on the shoes and your flowers look great!