Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 22

May 31: I had a Chick-fil-A peach milkshake before leaving Atlanta. Bits of real peach...divine!
June 1: The hydrangeas are blooming and they are huge! This is about the size of two softballs.
June 2: Ice cream sundaes at biblestudy tonight.
June 3: I won tickets to Mosley Street Melodrama, so Janel & I used them to see...
"High School Melodrama".
June 4: I finally got to eat at Bonefish Grill. A group got together to celebrate Amanda N's birthday. It was a fun evening.
June 5: I finally made it to the farmer's market. I always have to hold myself back from buying too many of the wonderful vegetables.
June 6: I spent some time this weekend working on the yard. I am very pleased with how the plants are growing - which has nothing to do with any talent on my part. Looking at the plants closely, I am amazed at what a wonderful, imaginative Creator we have.
The lavender is starting to bloom.
Some of the hostas are blooming.
The feather grasses are feathering.
Baby black-eyed susans are making an appearance,
Purple bell flowers are ringing,
And my first hollyhock blooms have opened!

After three springs of work, I am excited to see the backyard flowerbeds growing so well & blooming so fervently.


DeMo said...

Wow. Your flowers look great! I love the hollyhocks. I'm starting to see the rewards this year of years of work also.

I need to go to your farmer's market. Mine didn't have many veggies.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I need to come by & see your handy work. More hollyhocks blooms opened up later in the day. It is exciting to see things taking shape.

21st & Ridge at the Sedgwick County Extension Center. They always have a great selection. I try to get there before 8 AM to beat the crowd & get the most options.