Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 37

Sept 13: I squeezed in mowing the yard before it was supposed to rain.  Oops, I mowed over Diesel’s ball.  It went flying.  Good thing I had new tennis balls in the garage.  That’s his favorite outside toy.  Then I mowed over a garter snake.  I’m surprised my scream as it tried to slither off didn’t alert my neighbors. Ugh!
Sept 14 – I received a watermelon from my neighbor’s garden.  Delicious.
Sept 15 – We had some severe weather tonight. Heavy wind, rain & up to golf ball size hail at my house.  There was even a tornado spotted in near Derby. 
Sept 16 – The picture didn’t turn out well, but it was a great evening.  Janel, Gayle and I went to see “An Improbable Pride and Prejudice” at The Kechi Playhouse in, um, Kechi.  It is a converted church.  This particular play was a take on Pride & Prejudice and was a great show.  Well worth the $9.
Sept 17 – Pupusas!!!  I was ridiculously excited to meet a friend and try out a Salvadoran restaurant near work for lunch.  The pupusas were excellent! The tamales were good too.  And the sweetest people run the place.  I’m definitely going back there.
Sept 18 – I flew to Colorado Springs for a few days to visit friends.  Trinity is now 8 and today she was my shadow.  She graciously is letting me stay in her room. 
Sept 19 – Church at Springs Calvary this morning.  Almost everywhere has amazing views of the mountains.

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