Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 35

August 30: I finally opened this bottle of Bordeaux that I brought back from France.  I really like French reds.
August 31: I worked on removing the popcorn ceiling in the main bathroom and hallway this week.  I primed & painted tonight.  I like to paint barefoot, but I'm a bit of a messy painter as you can see.
September 1: The bathroom is finished and put back together!
September 2: Una left 2 green peppers from their garden on my kitchen counter today when she let Diesel out today.  I love my fantastic neighbors even though I do freak a little when I first see random produce in my house that I know I didn't place there.
September 3: Since I stayed in town for Labor Day weekend, I decided to make it a Wichita Bucket List Blitz weekend and knock a lot things off the bucket list.  Tonight I got a group of friends together to go to Shakespeare in the Park's production of Macbeth.  It was very enjoyable!
The director decided to cast the hags as sci-fi characters.  Odd...
September 4: The blitz day started with donuts from The Donut Whole.  Maple bacon donuts are delicious!  Then the Wichita Art Museum. Dale Chiluly's chandelier is always impressive.
The grounds at the Mid-American All-Indian Center has fantastic grounds that lead out to the Keeper of the Plains statue...
And a great view of Wichtia downtown.
Some shopping in Old Town and lunch at Caffe Moderne.  And an afternoon at Tanganyika Wildlife Park out in Goddard where you can get up close and personal with the animals.  The giraffe posed for me.
This kangaroo was thoroughly enjoying his afternoon snooze in the shade.
And the penguins are always a hit with me.
August 5: Ulrich Art Museum on WSU's campus... It has a giant Miro mural on the facade.  It made me remenisce about touring the Miro Museum in Barcelona.

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