Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 38

Sept 20: Another day in Colorado Springs hanging out with the Ross family.  I had a blast with their kids: Taite, Trinity, Jaden, Jace & Jessa.

 Sept 21: I spent this morning wandering around Garden of the Gods.  It was a gorgeous day and I enjoyed seeing parts of the park I hadn't before.

 Sept 22: The last few blooms of summer, a few petunias and daises are still hanging on.

 Sept 23: It's a Christmas Miracle.  The K-Mart house's yard is finished and back to normal minus grass.
 Sept 24: I bought a bike helmet.  Apparently I have a big head because the "ladies" size was too small.  I had to go with the "adult" size.
 Sept 25: It was a full Saturday. Started off with a long bike ride with some friends along the Arkansas River.  I only managed about 10 miles, the rest of them went 20. 

 Then, because it was Museum Day, I took advantage of free admission and went to a few of the local participating museums.  I started with Botanica.  So beautiful sometimes I forgot I was in downtown Wichita.
 This sculpture in the butterfly garden makes me think of me & my two sisters when we were little.

 Then I went to Old Cowtown Museum. 
 And I ended with the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum.  What a find!  It was great.
The day was finished out with an event I was very excited about. The Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at The Orpheum Theater.  What a blast!  We sang our hearts out and laughed a lot.  A raucous fun time.
 There was even a costume contest. 
 Sept 26: This is a prime example of the amazing friends God has placed in my life.  Amber's car died and 6 of us traipsed out to the parking lot after church to make sure she was taken care of.  I had someone recently tell me they didn't feel connected at our large church.  I do not feel that way, God has blessed me with a great circle of friends.

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