Sunday, October 3, 2010

Week 39

Sept 27: The Ronald McDonald statue is back up.  He's a cheery greeting to the families who stay at the house.
 Sept 28: "How did you hurt you foot?" "Playing a game of spoons."  I think I may be the only person to get a foot injury from a card game.  I injured it at a Pathways game night months & months ago.  Originally the doctor thought it was just bruised but it never fully healed & it's been hurting a lot lately.  Another doctor's visit today and and x-ray to determine if there was a stress fracture, found out I have a pulled tendon in my foot (I rolled it).  So heat & ibuprofen for a few weeks and resting it as much as possible. 
Sept 29: I attended a Society of Women Engineer's event tonight. Dondi Scumaci is a leadership speaker & writer and it is always great to hear what she has to say.  This is the 3rd year in a row she's spoken at a SWE event.
Sept 30: So I went shopping for a pair of sunglasses and black flats tonight and ended up with an amazing deal on a pair of Sofft brown suede Mary Janes and some navy platform pumps.  I couldn't resist!
Oct 1: (How is it October already??!!) It's time to break out what few fall decorations I have.  The front door gets a new swag.
Oct 2: I finally got around to trimming the out of control juniper bush.  The clippings filled a 35 gallon trash barrel. 
Oct 3: First Sunday of the month, we eat at Jason's Deli after Pathways.  It was busy in there tonight, we had to split into 2 tables.   

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