Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week 42

October 18: The 30 pew bows for Janel & Phil's December wedding are ready to be fluffed and put in place. 
October 19: This is what golf ball sized hail will do to your roof.  And this is why I have insurance. 
October 20: I have been charmed lately by the Delano District.  It is small area just west of downtown with some cute shops and restaurants.  It is also the only place in town with a luggage repair shop - which fixed my suitcase with a broken wheel.  Yea!
October 21: I love watching this tree change colors, it's the only red tree in my neighborhood.
October 22: Pathway's annual fall barn dance is always a fun time.
October 23: I joined some friends for a bike ride this morning.  I did about 11 miles.  This is a view of downtown from underneath Kellogg.
And a great picturesque spot along the river. These views are not ones you can get from a car - you have to get out and explore.
October 24: Fall has made it into my cooking.  Today I made cranberry scones - amazing! - and roasted squash soup.

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DeMo said...

Ahh I love that part of the bike trail with the bench. I definitely agree that you must get out of your car to see the good stuff!