Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5K and flowers

I have been waiting for an opportunity to make this dessert in my Domestic Goddess cookbook - Torta alla Gianduia or chocolate hazelnut torte.  I had a dessert with our senior pastor to attend at a friend's home and offered to bring it.  It was yummy!
Saturday I ran a 5K.  I didn't do as well as I wanted to but I ran the entire time and bettered my training time.  My time was 31:57.  I am confident I can get to 30:00 by my sprint triathlon in August. The interesting thing about this race was it was for women only put on by Girls On The Run.  It started & ended at The Boathouse downtown.
This week the irises and clematis bloomed. 

And Sunday while I was doing yardwork, Diesel found a baby bluejay that had fallen out of it's nest.  He was very protective of it which kind of surprised me.  Wildlife Services told me to leave it where I found it and hope the mama would come back for it.  Sadly, that did not happen.


DeMo said...

Wow. Your clematis looks great! I am really missing my flowers at my old apartment right now. I don't think I'll really feel settled until I can make things bloom again.

Jennifer said...

Thanks. That's the most it's ever bloomed. I was happily surprised! You'll get there.