Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring excitment

I forgot to post last week.  I ran my first 10K race on Saturday at the Easter Sun Run.  I won't post the blurry picture but I did finish 10 seconds faster than my goal.  I did it in 1:02:50.  The first one was a learning experience.  Glad I did it.

This weekend has been full of excitement.  Thursday night I went with friends to a cookbook signing by The Pioneer Woman.  If you haven't heard of her, she blogs and has a show on Food Network.  Several of my friends are fans.  We got into her presentation and then waited a LONG time for our turn in line. 

But our wait was rewarded because we also go to meet her husband, Marlboro Man.

And one of their ranch hands, Cowboy Josh.

Then Friday, a group of biblestudy girls headed to Kansas City to see Beth Moore live.  We have done several of her studies and I always get a lot out of them.  Plus she's very entertaining.  It was a great treat to get to see her live!  And worship with 9800 women was incredible.

And the weekend ended with some Kansas weather excitment. There was a major tornadic, life threatening event forecasted.  My roommate and I gathered supplies and hid out in the basement Saturday night with the dogs.  One was barreling our way that then dissipated.  We only had high winds and rain at my house.  I didn't even had tree limbs down.  The south and southeast parts of town got hit by another tornado.  My work place is heavily damaged.  Praising God that so far, no reports of deaths in Wichita. 
Liz and I were very prepared. (Bike helmets to protect from flyng debris.) 

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DeMo said...

no helmets for diesel and chico? lol.

glad i got to land in some of your pictures! :)