Sunday, May 13, 2012

The semester is over!

I have not posted much recently because all it would say is "reading & writing for my final papers."  I had two big final papers to end the semester and there was lots of work to do for each one.  But they were both turned in last week.  The semester has finally ended!  Two semesters down, four to go. 
I had some excitement this week.  I ran into a sharp tree branch while edging the yard and gashed the top of my head.  It bled like crazy.  I got 2 stitches.  My roommate took pictures while the doctor worked on me but I'll spare you them. 
This is what I'm doing now that the semester is over...
I love my new bike.  With school, I've only gotten in a few rides since I bought it but I put 2 rides on it this weekend.  Had a 17 mile ride with a friend and a 16 mile ride by myself.  I want to get out on it at least twice a week now.  I also got in a 4 mile run with a friend.  Having fun with being active and considering some long races for the fall. 

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