Monday, July 2, 2007


Monday June 25 we took the long drive to the French Riviera (Cote d’Azur). It took about 6 hours. We stopped in Cannes since it was before our hotel in Nice and we didn’t want to waste any time. The beach is beautiful & sandy there. There was one huge yacht in the harbor. The shopping area is called La Croisette and runs along the shore. There are the fancy designer shops and then further in are the ones us common people can afford. It was busy but not bad. I am told that during the film festival in May that it is shoulder to shoulder people.

We then went to Nice to get settled at the hotel. We were staying in Nice since it was central to all we wanted to do in the area. Turns out it’s a skippable place. It is much cheaper to stay there but not all that exciting. There is a Matisse museum I’d love to visit some day. The beach is gravel – common in the area. You rent mattresses to lay on. Most beaches on the Riviera are pay beaches – cost about 15 Euro for a day and you get a chair and it’s usually at a restaurant where you get access to a bathroom.

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