Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Down to the last of it

Last weekend my plans were changed at the last minute. So I decided to head north since I hadn’t explored much in that direction. Went to Cahors, a medieval town that has the strongest red wine in France. The river around it makes the town into a peninsula. There were several farmers’ markets & flea markets going on.

Then I drove the backroads for a bit to get to an overlook point on Mont St Cyr.
Sunday I went for an afternoon drive through some small towns just west of Tournefeuille. Accidently went on an African safari. There’s a “Parc Zoologique” in the area that you see signs for all over the place. I decided to try to find it. Drove into the parking lot to turn around but they have it set up in such a way that once you enter, you can’t leave without going through it. So I paid the 11.50 Euro and drove through the safari. Then parked and walked through the zoo part. I wasn’t impressed - it’s no Sedgwick County Zoo.

Sunday morning I took a walk to take pictures of Tournefeuille. It is a “Ville Fleurie” – a national “flower city” designation. All the medians are nicely planted & maintained. Here are a few.

You’ll even find Utopia here.

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Dave said...

Well that camera takes some sweet pics. If I ever used the one I have, I'd be tempted to get a new one. Oh and, there seems to be a wine theme going here... ;-)