Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I have two ginormous maples in my front yard and an elm in the backyard, which is also bordered by lots of trees in my neighbors yards. So each fall I have a major leaf problem. Last night I decided to deal with the leaves in the front yard. I had just started raking when neighbor Joe yelled out encouragement - "It's a losing battle!" Ah, yes, but one that must be fought none the less. The first year I owned the house, I raked & bagged all the leaves whole. It was ~25 bags. But since then I have been introduced to neighbor GI's modern marvel - the chipper/shredder. It turns what would be 25 bags of leaves into 5 bags of leaf mulch. It is a thing of beauty. He's helped me in the past, but had a hurt leg so he showed me how it worked and let me have at it. His daughter Euna stood watch during my work, keeping me company as darkness fell and we finished by street light. Round 1 with the front yard is complete. I fight round 1 in back tonight and borrow that wonderful machine again.

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