Monday, November 12, 2007

Rock Chalk

I drove down to Norman, Oklahoma to spend some time with my college roommate Chrissy. It was really great to hang out and catch up and share pictures of our recent adventures.

Back in Wichita Saturday night, I attended a progressive dinner after church. At the last house, we were thankful the tv was on to the KU game. Go Jayhawks! So completely odd that KU is now 10-0, #3 in the BCS rankings and #4 in the polls. After years and years of football woes, it’s very strange for Jayhawk fans to adjust to this new reality. One KU alum said he knew this was the year Jesus was coming back because KU was doing so well in football. When I turn ESPN on during my morning workouts and they’re discussing KU’s chances for making the national championship game, it’s hard to fathom this is real. But we'll happily take it!

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Lacy said...

Hey we were in Norman on Saturday too!
My nephew had his 2nd B-day party, we must have passed each other on the highway!
Not a sports fan by any means but I did soak up most of the game since all my family is pulling for the Jayhawks.
I agree it's good to hear anything good about KS in the news... if we do make a headline it's normally trouble!