Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 14

April 5: With the 80 degree weather, the bear finally decided to remove the scarf and hat and go au natural.
April 6: Tanya & I had dinner together and a long awaited time to catch up.
April 7: The red bud trees are in bloom.
All the spring color reminds me of a line in Canticle of the Plains by Rich Mullins. "Bursting from bud into beauty in a way I can't describe. In a way that's so changing my life..." My heart bursts with joy and wonder at the majesty of our Creator.
April 8: This is the cute little church that's just down the block from my house. It made a picturesque view when rounding the corner in the afternoon sunshine.
April 9: Thrift Store Prom. This is the 2nd year we've done this for our spring dance and it was a blast. Everyone comes decked out in the worst prom stuff they can find. I wore on of Hannah's high school prom dresses that I dug out of the closet at Mom & Dad's. The huge puffy sleeves just called for a tiara and long black gloves. Janel's dress had a fabulous huge white butt-bow.
My planning co-horts - Lindsay and Rachel.
The boys rocked it too.
April 10: Doug and Angela have decided to leave us for England. Their going-away party was today. I was asked to make the cake. Carrot cake is Doug's favorite and I borrowed Tanya's decorating kit. The close up picture of the cake won't cooperate but you'll at least see the details. I edged it with "goodbye" in different languages.
April 11: It was a full day of a lot of spring clean up yard work. Diesel enjoyed a morning drive. Yes, Hannah, I took the picture while driving but he's sooo cute with his head stuck out the window that I had to share.
My neighbor's creeping phylox is in full bloom under the oak tree.
My tulips!
My neighbor's lilac bush hangs over the fence so I get to enjoy it too.
My hostas are starting to come up.

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