Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 15

April 12: El Salvador mission team meeting #2 - team building activity: blind-folded working in teams to find objects. Learning each other's communication style and trust.
April 13: Nigella's "fairy cake" recipe for snack day at work. I had a ton of buttercream frosting left over from the cake I made on Saturday.
April 14: Our women's biblestudy is doing Beth Moore's "The Inheritance" series. So much good stuff to think on. And I love that she uses Chambord Castle as the graphic (I got to visit there last April.)
April 15: I spent an extra 10 minutes browsing the flowers at my local Ace Hardware store. It was all I could do not to buy a ton.
April 16: I make my bed nice & neatly every morning. Every day this week I've come home to this.... There's only one culprit. Apparently my spot on the bed is comfy for Diesel's naps.
April 17: I went back to Ace and blew most of my plant budget for this spring. I tackled the flower bed at the end of the driveway - weeded, dug up bulbs I missed last year, added more hen & chicks, creeping jenny, and dianthus.
Allen came over to help me tackle a project I felt too daunting to take on alone. This...
came from here, the small space between shed & fence. It went much quicker than I expected and now it's safe to walk back there with out vines and wire triping you up. Thanks, Al!
April 18: I planted an entire flat of impatiens in the front door bed.
The New Guinea impatiens brighten the front flower pot. I believe the color was "sonic violet". Quite fitting.
Planted basil and Italian parsley to complement the thyme and oregano in my little herb garden.
And some hot pink and white geraniums to brighten up the patio.

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