Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 16

April 19: He's being trained on the electric fence and none too happy that he no longer has free reign of the backyard. But I want my flowers to remain un-trampled.
April 20: I couldn't resist all the amazing colors of the coleus available. However, 56 plants was a bit much even though I did find places for all of them.
The giant hosta is unfurling it's leaves and looks so sculptural.
April 21: Wednesdays is our special treat of a walk in the park. This is my favorite spot of trail.
April 22: Nigella strikes again. Blackberry galette. It was a big hit at life group.
April 23: I love my trees, I hate my trees. The wind today blew the thousands upon thousands of helicopter pods out of my two giant maples. They are now littering the driveway and law.
April 24: It was a busy day that started out with a Ronald McDonald House volunteers appreciation brunch at the Museum of World Treasures in Old Town.
The afternoon was spent painting a house along with friends as part of LOVE Wichita - a church based, city-wide service project.
And then I drove to Lawrence to see a show with Mom. From the balcony of the Lied Center, we had a great view of the thunderstorm that was rolling in.
April 25: I love the Flint Hills. The gracefully undulating hills are a vibrant spring green. Anyone who thinks Kansas has boring landscape hasn't driven through the Flint Hills. I love that the path between Wichita and Lawrence runs through them and I get to see their beauty in all seasons.


Hannah said...

You have GOT to stop taking pictures when you are driving!!!

DeMo said...

I agree about the Flint Hills! I have some pictures of the beginning of a thunderstorm near Cassoday. Some of my favorites.