Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eglise (church)

Sunday. Wow, 3 weeks here.
Went to church this morning. They sang several Chris Tomlin songs. I've had moments this week of jamming to Chris Tomlin's "Indescribable" and David Crowder Band's "Revoluntionary Love". I listened to Vineyard's If You Say Go cd - nice to hear the familiar voice of Travis Ross so far from home.
Church this morning was very interesting. A guest French pastor taught on the great commission in Matthew 28. I have randomly prayed for a heart for the French but what he shared made me want to pray more strategically.
Met some more very nice people there. One lady said if I get tired of all the testosterone with my co-workers to give her a call and they'll come get me. She's from Washington state but grew up in Nebraska. She was thrilled to hear I'm from Kansas.

After church I drove Elisabeth & Chris down to Carcassone. It was very windy - Wichita in spring windy. Elisabeth even commented that it reminded her of driving in Kansas. I bought some violet soap and some lavender soap. As my bro-in-law David would say I'm gonna "stink pretty."

I booked a trip to Paris for next weekend. Decided to pay the extra 10 Euros a night for a room with the bathroom "ensuite".
It will be a busy week. And hopefully a fun, safe weekend. Talk to you from the other side of it.


Lacy said...

I hope you enjoy your trip. Make sure to "stink pretty" in the city of love!

Jamie said...

Glad to see you're doing well. Can't wait for more pics!