Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pyrenees and more

We finally got into the offices on Thursday & Friday!!! Yippee! One way to know you’re in France? There’s wine on tap in the office cafeteria.
My exchange student from 2 years ago, Elisabeth, & her boyfriend Chris are in town for a week. They are from Northern Germany. Along with the guys from work, we drove down into the Pyrenees Mountains on Saturday. We got out of the city without having to make a correction for the first time! We first drove to Foix. Were able to tour the Chateau de Foix that we saw the first few days in France. You can see a picture of it in my first blog. We climbed up to the chateau and then climbed up 2 of the 3 towers. Awesome views. Foix is in the foothills of the Pyrenees. When I’m finally able to post my pictures you’ll be inundated. I had this moment where I was amazed – I’m driving in the Pyrenees in the south of France!
We then drove deeper into the mountains to Montsegur. The chateau is where the Cathers (Catholic heretics of the 10-12th centuries) had their last stand. in 1244. The chateau is high on a cliff, and I do mean high. It’s a 20 minute hike straight up the side of the cliff to get to it. We got our workout today. The views from the chateau were amazing. Panoramic views of the mountains - well worth the hike & 4 Euros. My legs were shaking when we made it back down.

When I called my parents I got to talk to JT, he’s 2, and he actually had a conversation with me. He rarely wants to talk on the phone so it was extra special. He spend the night at Grandma's house and he and Grandpa were going to the choo-choo train store to get more track. After he said bye he ran to Grandma "I talked to Jem-fer!" Ah, I miss my nephews!

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