Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Took an hour walk around Blagnac Sunday morning determined to find the centre ville. It’s a nice little spot but still not much in the way of restaurants. But I’m in trouble, there’s a Leonidas shop. That’s delicious Belgian chocolate. (Christy – I still haven’t bought any Milka yet. They give us Godiva each night at the hotel.) I am feeling the castle stairs from yesterday.
My first driving experience was to drive into downtown for lunch. It was actually fairly easy. The brake is a bit touchy, but I made it without getting lost – just followed the signs. I think being here for a week helped drop the intimidation factor. I’ve tried to pay attention while being chauffeured around. I get my own rental car on Monday.
After lunch we walked around downtown to places we didn’t see last Sunday. Visited Les Jacobins – a cathedral that has palm-like columns. It was impressive. The first picture is outside. The next gives you a view inside for scale and the last is of the ceiling.

Then we went to St. Augustin’s – a cathedral & grounds that is now an art museum. It has a bunch of gargoyles along one hall – those are some very strange creatures. The musee has lots of sculpture, grave stones and some very classical paintings. I’ve been surprised at how little admission is for museums and chateaus – usually only a few euros. Not much else is cheap. But I have seen some good places to shop in downtown – though all are closed on Sunday afternoons. I will have to go down there some Saturday. We walked by a Disney Store today.

Thunderstorm tonight. Thunder & lightning. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Moscow was miserable with constant overcast & drizzly skies. But a thunderstorm means it rains, is done, and then moved on. It is making the tv signal weak. My choices – read or watch Pimp My Ride dubbed in French. I think I’ll read.
It’s hard to believe I’ve been here a week. It’s gone quickly and yet feels like it’s been a long time. Things have gone pretty well so far. I do miss friends & family.


Lacy said...

All the way to France, and you're watching 'Pimp My Ride?' :)
I'm glad to hear you're doing well. Good luck with the French. All the years I took of French ans all I can remember is, "oui je faim" (I'm not sure it's spelled that way) "Yes, I'm hungry"
That should help in a pinch! :)
Love you!

Christy said...

I guess Godiva and Leonidas will due...in a pinch :-P

ellen said...

Pimp my ride.... that is funny. when I was in Turkey I got to see some movie with Charleton Hesston and Jean Claude van Damm overdubbed in German. That was a hoot!

France. Amazing that you are over there and we are over here and the same sun shines on us both.