Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Temporary Papparrazi Ban

It's beautiful today- sunny with a clear blue sky. I'm definitely going to walk in the park tonight. It's about 2-3 times the size of Sedgwick County Park with a large lake. Things are getting sunnier at work too as we have word that we're close to getting into the offices.
Sorry but I won't be able to post pictures for about another 2 weeks. My camera is on the fritz and the card reader has up & quit. I was going to buy a new camera here but it'll cost about 1/3 more and I'd have to deal with customs & VAT taxes. So instead I picked one out online and gave a co-worker a check. He has a turn around trip next week and will buy it for me - a Canon PowerShot 7.1 Megapixel with all sorts of bells & whistles, my photo instructor would be proud. Plus it's's top rated point & shoot (I don't want to lug around an SLR). All that to say, you'll have to wait a few weeks for more pictures. I'm excited about the new camera!

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