Friday, May 4, 2007

Two weeks in

It's hard to believe I've been here two weeks already. This week was an odd one. France had Labor Day May 1, so most businesses were shut down Monday and all were on Tuesday. Got my rental car on Monday - a cute little Citroen C3. The brake is extremely touchy, and it shuts itself off when you stop. So there's a bit to get used to. We moved into the apts on Tuesday. It's nice to get unpacked and have a little space. I'll have to post some pictures.
Laundry at the apt or at a laundrymat runs about 9 Euros - that's about $12 a load. Good thing I have per diem.
I've been feeling cooped up this week. It's been overcast & rainy most of the time - like what I hear the weather in Kansas has been. Some lightning & thunder. Bought food at the marche, so I've mainly been eating in the apt.
We worked from the apts this week. I don't consider myself all that social, but I'm ready for some interaction after 4 days of basically being in the apt by myself with few mtgs with the rest of the team. We plan to hit Carcassone on Saturday. I googled & found a church that has a service in English that I might try on Sunday.
I haven't had jet lag problems except for 2 nights last week, but my skin is not handling things as well. I'm breaking out and I have a what appears to be a rash at the corner of my left eye.
That's my world for now.

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