Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 30

July 26: We did our first two kids' day (half-day) sessions at Elohim.  It was great getting to see some of the kids we hung out with last year.  We had about 250 kids over the course of the day.

July 27: We went to Sinai church in the morning for a kids' session.  We had about 80 kids. 

In the afternoon we went to Las Cruces.  Both churches today are pastored by Santiago Sr.  This is the newest church plant and they do not have a facility.  So we were in an open field and halfway thru it started raining on us.  But they wanted us to keep going, so we did.  And praise the Lord, 50 kids and 1 adult came forward to accept Christ at the end.

July 28: This morning we did a kids' session at Sion, pastored by Wally.  We had about 100 kids and even the adults joined in on our activities. 
In the afternoon, we got to go to Lake Coatepeque.  It is a lake in a volcano crater.  It is huge, amazing, beautiful.  Took a boat around the island in the lake and got out at a hot springs.  So awesome!

At church tonight, we got to see a lot of our Elohim friends.  Belen was my little sweetheart.  Pastor Eduardo is an awesome brother in Christ.

July 29: We did a kids' session at Jerusalem, pastored by Luis.  We had about 100 kids.  In the afternoon, a few of us hung out at Elohim before our good-bye party.  Pastor Eduardo told us 129 kids and 3 adults accepted Christ over the course of the week! It was awesome to see God move.

July 30:  I flew to Kauai for my friend's wedding.  We got to stay at this awesome condo.

July 31: Heather & Terry's wedding

August 1:  I drove to the south side of the island in the morning to Waimea Canyon - Hawaii's Grand Canyon.  It was pretty incredible though somewhat socked in by the clouds. 

In the afternoon most of the wedding guests went snorkeling & swimming at Tunnels Beach on the north side of the island.  I snorkeled with 2 sea turtles!

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