Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 31

August 2: A large group of us went kayaking up the river about 2.5 miles and then hiked 1 mile in to a waterfall which we got to swim in.  It was awesome.

August 3: Four of us girls got up early to go hiking on the Na'pali Coast on the north shore of Kauai.  We had amazing views up the coast.  We hiked 6 miles round trip.

August 4: I hung out on the beach by the condo for a little while in the morning before having to head to the airport and back to reality.
August 5: Ah, my own bed.

August 6: I picked up Diesel from my friend Allen who took care of him while I was gone.  He was happy to see me but we have to work on some of those obedience training things again.
August 7: A goodbye party for Dan - a friend from work and church, he was a part of our 2nd mission trip to Costa Rica too.
August 8: I've been putting my new laptop to good use.  I am very happy to replace my 7 year old computer.  And this picture shows me that I really need to clean my desk...


DeMo said...

See? The picture is so much better with you in it. :)

Your hiking trip looks gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

You're right :-)
Thanks! The hike was amazing.