Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 32

August 9: The K-Mart house was nicknamed such by my first roommate Tanya. It had all blue lights that at Christmas, so the “blue light special” turned into the “the K-Mart house.” The K-Mart house has had its yard torn up like this for oh, nigh on 2 years. Recently they seem to be continuing whatever work was originally started.
Some of the dirt got moved across the street to this house’s yard. Most of the time I love living in a home-owner-association-free neighborhood, but there are times it would come in handy.
August 10: Raining through the sunshine.
August 11: What a 100+ degree Kansas day looks like. We’ve had a lot of them recently.
August 12: Diesel loves when I water the flowers. He begs for me to turn the sprayer on him. Then he leaps around in the spray trying to get a drink and drenching himself in the process.
August 13: Some of the blooming trumpet vine in my neighborhood.
August 14: Not peaches and cream, but nectarines and crème fraiche will do nicely.
August 15: Um, so maybe I should take some time to organize my scrapbook table. I was inspired to sort through things and straight it up.

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